Saturday, 20 June 2020

Belarusian Brides what is the attraction

Eastern European Beauty

Belarusian ladies are well known throughout the world for their beauty and charm, look at any of the International supermodels and you will notice many are from Belarusia. Marring a women is a dream come true for many Western men. But where do you meet these women if you are interested in dating one of these beauties? Doing any search of Google for belarusian dating sites will give you good place to start.
Many Belarusian women have blonde hair, with beautiful penetrating eyes, and usually tall stature. A common misconception for many Western men is that Belarusian girls are Russian. However they are not Russian in fact Belarusia is a totally different and seperate country from Russia. You will find Belarusian girls look and act very much like their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts which is a very big attraction for many Western men.

Belarus brides are Beautiful and stunning

It is very easy to see what the big attraction is for Western men when it comes to Belarusian women , compared to Western women they are stunning and have the feminine look so many men desire. You will find Belarusian brides still have traditional family values , something that has slowley been lost when it comes to Western women. Never think these women will always be in debt to you for marriage and taking them away from their home country as for many it is a big step and probably something they are unsure about.

Belarus Women vs. Western Women

When it comes to the differences between Belarusian women and Western women the differences are usually. huge and very noticable. Belarusian women have old fashioed views and still believe the man is the head of the house bread winner. Belarusian women don’t have the feminist ideals that so many young women in the West have today. Belarusian women and girls are 100% feminine and nothing more, if you like feminine women you will love Belarusian girls. If you want to be the envy of all your friends a Belarusian bride will sure do that.
If you do decide to marry a Belarusian bride it is very important you tell her your intentions towards her, do you really want to support your new wife from belarusia ? can you afford to supprt your new wife from Belarusia ? If you marry a Belarusian women you will need to bear in mind that for the first few years in your country you will have to probably support her 100%.
Belarusian women crave a safe long term relationship with their partner that will respect them at all times, in good or bad times just as she will for you.
It is always important to remember these extremely feminine women will always expect to have a strong man on their arm who knows how to look after them what ever life throws at them , if you are not a strong man then a Belarusian bride is probably not for you. The good news with Belarusian girls is they will always stand by their man they are also very good at solving problems.
One big reason so many Western men decide to look for Belarusian women to date and marry is they know that they will be in good hands.

How to Win the Heart of a Belarus bride

So you want to win the heart of a Belarusian beauty? It is an easy task if you know what to do and how to treat your women. Basicly you just need to treat her like a princess
It’s as simple as that, act like a knight and she will act like a princess for you for the rest of your life. So it is up to you.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

How To Spot A Fake Russian Dating Site

Looking for a Russian dating site?

If you are one of the many men seeking a Russian women for marriage then you will probably be well aware of the amount of scam sites and fake Russian dating sites out there. Finding a genuine real Russian dating site may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack .

The truth of the matter is it is actually very easy to find one of the few real Russian women dating sites out there just by using some common sense and it will take you less than 5 minutes to spot a real Russian dating site.

How do you spot a Real Russian dating site? You may ask.

Firstly it is very important to understand that Russia is just like any other country in the world and in fact is NOT FULL of young beautiful women, yes of course Russia has probably some of the most beautiful women in the world, but just like any other country it also has its fair share of over weight women, not so pretty women and lots of women in their 0's also looking for love and romance online not just women under 35. Always bear this in mind when searching for any Russian dating site.

So here are a few signs that a dating site is a REAL Russian dating site:

1. All the Russian women are from a broad age range and not just women under 35 years old, you should see Russian women from 18-70 just as you would on any main stream dating site.

2. Not all the Russian women are young beauty queens! As with all over countries Russia also has many not so beautiful women who are also looking for their love online, so expect to see young beauties mixes with Old babushkas.

3. Not every Russian women is super slim so expect to see a broad mix of Russian women from all sizes and shapes , slim beauty queens mixed with over weight babushkas , short women and tall women. If you're just seeing slim perfect beauty queens then you know you're not on one of the few real Russian dating sites online.

Good luck with your searches.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Chatting To Russian Girls Online

Russian women have become very popular with Western men over the last few years in fact so popular that many men decide to marry a Russian women.

If you are one of the many Western men who has seen Russian women in the media you maybe also thinking of dating or chatting to a few Russian girls.

Many Russian girls enjoy chatting to Western men, some are there just to pass the time away some are looking for romance and some are looking to improve their English , if you are really interested in having some chat with Russian girls free then it only takes a few minutes to sign up to one of the many Russian dating sites out there and within minutes you to can be have a live conversation with a beautiful Russian girl, but remember one important point and that is just because these girls want to chat to you live online it does not mean they will want to marry you , that is a totally different story altogether.

So what site would you recommend to chat to Russian girls? Our web site is a long established Russian dating site where you can meet real Russian girls in a safe online environment . registration takes only two minutes and all premium members have unlimited access to thousands of Russian singles looking to chat with Western men. All chat is unlimited meaning you can chat with as many Russian girls as you with even exchange personal contact information with the girls.

Now has never been such a good time to start chatting to Russian girls online.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Blonde Russian brides for marriage

Have you decided to search for a Blonde Russian bride to marry?

Today it has become ever more popular for western men to travel to Russia to search for a beautiful Russian women for marriage. Why you may ask? Well if you take a look at any media stories about Western men who have married Russian women I'm sure you will be able to see the reason why! Russian women are known to be amongst the most beautiful women in the world.

If you like blonde women as so many men do then you will love all the blonde Russian brides looking for foreign husbands , just sign up  to any Russian dating site and take a look at these blonde beauties. But the question is is it really possible to marry one of these beautiful women?

The answer is a definite YES providing you go about it in the right way and keep your searches to realistic expectations. Of course many men want a young beautiful Russian wife and even more want to marry a blonde Russian bride but you need to be realistic. If your a guy in his 70's and expecting to meet and marry a young Russian women 40 years younger than yourself then unfortunately your in for a big surprise, young blonde Russian women simply are not marrying older than themselves 30/30 years despite what you may of see in the media or Hollywood movies.

So it is not possible to marry a young blonde Russian women?

Yes it is possible to marry a younger Russian women provider "Younger" is a realistic younger, if you search for a women 10-15 years younger than yourself then you have a very good chance of finding your perfect Russian women. If you decide to search for a very young Russian bride then unfortunately you will probably learn  the hard way that it simply is not possible.

Good luck with your Russian dating.

Dating Curvy Russian Women

Have you thought about dating a curvy Russian women?

Many men dream to marry a slim skinny Russian women and I expect you have seen endless stories in the media about Western men who have married beautiful young slim Russian brides.

But did you know there are many men who dream to marry a curvy Russian women? Yes there are in fact thousands of men who dream and do in fact marry women from Russia who are curvy and there are many reasons why.

As you probably already know most women in the West who are slightly over weight or as you could say a little chubby often have no sense of self respect , often they will take little care over they appearance in fact it is very common for these women to even visit the local supermarket in a dressing gown and slippers. Do these women take any care of them selves when going out on a date? Or to a restaurant? No not very often! With this all in mind if you are a man who is attracted to curvy women it is not always so easy to find a match in your own country.

This is where curvy Russian women differ from other women, just walk around in any Russian city and look at the curvy Russian women walking about, you will notice a considerable difference to Western women, these women know how to dress, they know how to look curvy and stylish in fact they know how to look super sexy in figure hugging outfits that show their curves.

Now it is easy to see why so many men who seek curvy women for dating decide to travel to Russia to find love and romance , can you do this you may ask? yes of course all you need to do is sign up to one of the many Russian dating sites out there and you will already be on the way.

Good luck with your Russian dating.

Marry a Curvaceous Russian bride

Have you decide to marry a curvaceous Russian bride?

Every year thousands of Western men decide to take a trip to Russia and search for a beautiful curvaceous Russian women for marriage.

But you always thought every women in Russia was skinny and looked like a stick insect? Well I am here to tell you that you are wrong!  As with every country Russia has a broad mix of women in all shapes and sizes , yes there are many many beautiful slim Russian women but there are just as many, yes just as many curvy chubby Russian women to marry. The one difference between curvy Russian women is the fact that when it comes to style they certainly know how to do it , they know what outfits make them look hot sexy but at the same time stylish unlike their Western counter parts who will often be walking around in their track suit bottoms with a pair of slippers on!

Yes curvy Russian women for marriage certainly know how to make the guys pay attention to them and in fact now has never been such a good time to start your search for one of those curvaceous Russian brides to marry.

Where do you start your searches for a curvy Russian bride to marry ? You may ask? There are many Russian dating sites out there but only a small handful are genuine ones where you will have a chance to meet real curvy Russian women, but do not worry! Finding a genuine Russian dating site is as easy as 1-2-3 with just a little common sense.

So how do you find a real Russian dating site to meet real curvy Russian women?

This is easy doing the "6 page test" What is this you may ask? To find out if any Russian dating site is real and if the women are genuine takes less than five minutes all you need to do is sign up to a Russian dating site that you like and that has some nice curvy Russian women.
Once signed up then it is time to go to the "Online members" you can usually do this using the web sites advanced search options , very easy every web site has this.

One you are on the "Online" members pages just take a look at the Russian women there all of them the slim ones and the curvy Russian brides, are they all looking like photo models/ is every one dressed to lill in a sexy outfit? Are there some that look like they would fit in well on a porn site? Are most of the women under 35 years old? Not a ugly women in sight? No profiles without photos? No Russian women over 60?
Ok I guess you have figured out now this site is a fake and it is time to leave.

Always remember any genuine Russian dating site will have a broad mix of women both beautiful and not so beautiful, tall women, short women, slim women and of course plenty of curvaceous Russian women for marriage. use common sense and you cannot go wrong.

Good luck with your Russian dating.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Online Russian dating

Online Russian dating sites how to win your ladies heart

Many Western men decide to search for a Russian or Ukrainian online dating site with the hope of finding their second half, but how easy is it to find a Russian girl for marriage? And if you do find a trusted Russian dating site how do you go about winning the heart of a single Russian women? Here are a few tips to ensure you succeed in your online searches and dating.

1. When communicating  with Russian women online it is important to remember you will not be the only man communicating with her , if she is a pretty Russian girl she will probably have many men trying to communicate with her. It is very important to be pro active at all times, if a lady should say "Hello" to you do not just answer with a "Hello" back , answer with a small conversation which ends in a question to her, this will keep the conversation going, if she replies to your question then you will know for sure there is some interest there from her.

many men will sign up to a online Russian dating site and just sit there waiting for the messages to come flooding in, always remember if you cannot be bothered to make the first move with a short message or introductory message there are plenty of men that are,

2.  Never speak to any Russian or Ukrainian girls online as though it is you who is saving them from a terrible life in their home country, it is the worst possible mistake you can do. Some men will come out with comments such as "Well if you want to stay in Russia as a hair dresser" as though you are the king offering a life of luxury for the women, it never works and makes you look the fool in any women eyes.

3.  Do not pester the women, some men will come to like a single Russian women he meets online so much that he will often call her non stop at all hours of the night. Maybe you will think that any Russian girl you meet online will be so desperate to meet you that it is perfectly ok to call her at all ours of the day.

4. Don't make false promises , many men will promise to go visit the girl , but in fact will have no intention of visiting her for a long time. Any women from any country do not want to meet a man who keeps promising to turn up but in fact never does!  If you cannot afford to make a trip next month or are busy it is always best to say exactly when you are free to visit and stick to your plans. Some men will offer to buy the Russian girl he meets online  a ticket to come meet him. This is not a good idea, can you really expect a women to fly to another country to meet a man she hardly knows? And what if the man expects her to stay in his bed for providing the air ticket like so many do. Would you want to arrive at a strange country to meet a women, thinking you will be sleeping in her bed, only to arrive , see this women and realise she is nothing like you expected, and you have no desire to be with her? It can be the same for any women. In general it is always the mans responsibility to go to the women country first.

Best of luck with your online dating.