Monday, 5 November 2018

Online Russian dating

Online Russian dating sites how to win your ladies heart

Many Western men decide to search for a Russian or Ukrainian online dating site with the hope of finding their second half, but how easy is it to find a Russian girl for marriage? And if you do find a trusted Russian dating site how do you go about winning the heart of a single Russian women? Here are a few tips to ensure you succeed in your online searches and dating.

1. When communicating  with Russian women online it is important to remember you will not be the only man communicating with her , if she is a pretty Russian girl she will probably have many men trying to communicate with her. It is very important to be pro active at all times, if a lady should say "Hello" to you do not just answer with a "Hello" back , answer with a small conversation which ends in a question to her, this will keep the conversation going, if she replies to your question then you will know for sure there is some interest there from her.

many men will sign up to a online Russian dating site and just sit there waiting for the messages to come flooding in, always remember if you cannot be bothered to make the first move with a short message or introductory message there are plenty of men that are,

2.  Never speak to any Russian or Ukrainian girls online as though it is you who is saving them from a terrible life in their home country, it is the worst possible mistake you can do. Some men will come out with comments such as "Well if you want to stay in Russia as a hair dresser" as though you are the king offering a life of luxury for the women, it never works and makes you look the fool in any women eyes.

3.  Do not pester the women, some men will come to like a single Russian women he meets online so much that he will often call her non stop at all hours of the night. Maybe you will think that any Russian girl you meet online will be so desperate to meet you that it is perfectly ok to call her at all ours of the day.

4. Don't make false promises , many men will promise to go visit the girl , but in fact will have no intention of visiting her for a long time. Any women from any country do not want to meet a man who keeps promising to turn up but in fact never does!  If you cannot afford to make a trip next month or are busy it is always best to say exactly when you are free to visit and stick to your plans. Some men will offer to buy the Russian girl he meets online  a ticket to come meet him. This is not a good idea, can you really expect a women to fly to another country to meet a man she hardly knows? And what if the man expects her to stay in his bed for providing the air ticket like so many do. Would you want to arrive at a strange country to meet a women, thinking you will be sleeping in her bed, only to arrive , see this women and realise she is nothing like you expected, and you have no desire to be with her? It can be the same for any women. In general it is always the mans responsibility to go to the women country first.

Best of luck with your online dating.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Real Russian Dating

Looking for a Free Russian dating Site?

 Has the time come in your life when you have decided to take a different direction in your love life? Have you decided to join the thousands of Western men who search for a Russian wife ?
If this is you , then you have probably been thinking of searching for a Russian dating site to register at.
As with most things in life, searching for a Russian women for marriage is not an easy task today. You may read many stories in the media about Russian women wanting to escape the hard life in Russia and the Russian men there who do nothing but drink all day. Well this is in fact all lies, life is not like that in Russia today and many Russian women especially the younger generation have a reasonable standard of living. Finding a Russian women who is willing to leave her family and country for a new life abroad is not an easy task today.

Before you can even think about marring a Russian women you will need to find yourself a real and trusted Russian dating site with a good reputation, this is also not an easy task.
Any search with Google for "Russian dating" will bring up hundreds of Russian dating sites all hoping for you to register at their web sites. many will be filled with pages and pages of young 20 something women all looking for a foreign husband. can this be true? Can so many young beautiful Russian women really be searching for a foreign husband?
The answer to this unfortunately is NO. Any site that is full of young beautiful women just waiting to chat will for 100% be fake. Yes there are young Russian women searching for foreign men for marriage , but there are also middle aged Russian women and older generation Russian women, just like on any other main stream dating site. Just like on any mainstream dating site there will be beautiful women, not so beautiful and lots of normal Russian women.

The best advise to any guy searching for a real Russian dating site is to choose a site that has a broad  range of women from all ages and looks, just like any ordinary main stream site , if you do this you will have much more chance of connecting with real sing Russian women looking for marriage. 
If you decide to go for a web site full of young beauty queens you can be sure you will become a victim of a scammer and probably the web site operator at the same time. Such web sites seldom have any customer support and you are very unlikely to get any refunds should you not be happy with the service.

Good luck with your searches.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Trusted & Honest Russian Dating Sites

Are you searching for a honest Russian dating site?

If you are one of the thousands of Western men that decide to search for a Russian women for marriage each year, you have probably decided to search Google for a honest Russian dating site.
This is not an easy task,  just type in a few popular key words such as "Legitimate Russian dating sites" "real Russian dating sites" and you will hundreds of sites show right before your eyes.

But which of these Russian dating sites are Real? Which ones are honest? Thats the 24 million dollar question.

Here are a few pointers that should help you decide which Russian dating site offers a good chance of meeting a Russian bride  and more importantly which Russian dating site will be real and trustworthy?

1. Always use a Western owned and operated Russian dating site, where you will usually receive some real customer service.

2. Always do a WHOIS check of any Russian brides site you are considering using, if the owner or operator is using a proxy name.. stay away!

3. Never sign up to a PPL web site. Here they charge you per letter you send and per letter you  open
often these web sites will be total scam.

4. Always use a well established Russian brides site. New sites are often fake or have a small data base , giving little chance of meeting real women.

5. Always stay away from web sites that are full of young Russian beauty queens, you can be sure they will all be fake.

The most important point to remember when searching for single Russian women is to search for women from a realistic age group, if you do that you will at least have some chance of success. take a look at any Russian dating sites success stories and you will seldom see a man in his 60's married to a young Russian women in her 20's.

If you decide to chase women half your age you will not only waste your time and effort , you will also probably become the victim of a scammer along the way.

Good luck with your searches.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Trusted Russian Dating Sites

Have you decided to search for a Russian women?

Many Western men consider the option of Russian dating at some point often it will be after a divorce  from a women in their own country, so Russian dating is an option for many when searching for a new partner.
But what makes so many Western guys decide to search for a Russian women on one of the many Russian dating sites? 
Russian women are known all over the world for their beauty and looks and this is one of the big reasons so many Western men decide to search for a Russian women to marry. But as with any dating especially when searching on the internet it is always advisable to do a good check or review of any Russian dating site you are considering using. Just Googling "Russian dating sites" will bring pages and pages of dating sites offering you their services to meet beautiful young Russian women for marriage. 
There are many pointers to look out for when searching for a trusted Russian dating site, here are a few:

1. Always stick to a long established dating site, new sites often have few new users doing and a small database of members.

2. Always look for a site that is not full of young beautiful women only with not a normal women in site! You can be sure the site will be a scam.

3. Always stick to a site that runs a transparent business. Do a WHOIS check on the site to see if they hide the owners of the business.

4. never use a PPL web site. These sites charge you per letter to read and reply and usually the web site will be a total scam.

5. Always do a Google search of any Russian dating site you are considering using to check for any bad feedback, though remember every site will always have some negative feedback and bear in mind competitor sites will often create fake bad feedback , but generally you should get some idea about the site.

6. Always try to use a Western owned dating site, there will be more chance of getting some customer service and they will probably answer any questions you have.

If you have decided to give Russian dating a try it is also important to remember that Russia has changed considerably over the last 20 years, it is no longer so easy to arrive in Russia flash your passport about and pick up a young Russian bride. If you are serious in your searches it is important to search a single Russian women in a realistic age group.

Best of luck with your searching.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Where Is The Best place To Search For Russian Women For Marriage

A Russian Wife

Have you decided to search for a Russian women to marry? If so welcome to the club, each year hundreds of thousands of singles from all over the world decide to search for a Russian women to marry.
Internet dating along with any dating sites wether Russian or Ukrainian have also changed considerably over the last few years, modern technology applied to the latest dating sites mean singles now have a huge array of features to use, whilst searching for a women on any Russian dating sites.

If it is a Russian women that you have decided to set your mind on to win then one of the best places to start your search will be on one of the many International or Russian dating sites on the net.

There are many Russian dating/brides sites on the net today, but it is very important you choose a well established site that has a good reputation in the industry. Unfortunately these types of sites are few and far between in the Russian dating scene. It is always best to avoid any Russian owned or operated dating sites, there are many of these on the net, the vast majority of them operate under bogus names and have bogus women signed up to their sites.
Russian operators of these sites have a very different mentality to their Western counterparts, for them it is far more important to take the 1 month subscription charge off you, give you a bad service and then move onto the next member. They really have no idea when it comes to running a quality service and giving members a quality online dating experience.

If you stick to a Western owned and operated Russian dating site you should have a good online dating experience. You also will need to do some good research in Google for any bad feedback for any sites you are considering signing up to.

The best dating sites to have a chance with any Russian women are the sites with a good steady inflow of new members, if they have just a few new members each week registering, then you will have little chance of of finding a potential Russian partner.
A site with little new sign ups each week in general has a low retention rate, meaning many of the members will often leave never to return after just a few weeks or even days.

Finding a good russian dating site can and does make all the difference between succeeding or failing in your quest for a Russian women to marry, many single guys sign up to poor quality sites, have a poor quality online dating experience and immediately give up totally on the Russian dating scene. Where as if they had registered with a premium russian dating site, it could of been a totally different story.

There are several Russian women forums on the net which are well worth registering at if you really want some good advise from guys who have met and married Russian women. Joining one of these forums is a great way to get some insider knowledge, and some real dating tips, probably saving you considerable heartache and cash.

Best of luck with your online dating.

Some Good Russian Dating Tips

Russian Dating Tips for You

Are you interested in the Russian dating scene?  if so here are a few tips and some information for you, to help decide if Russian dating really is for you.

If you are one of the many thousands of single guys who have decided to stretch their searches for a partner further afield, you may of heard many stories about beautiful women from Russia seeking foreign husbands. These stories are true, there are indeed many hundreds of thousands of russian women searching for a foreign husband, but things have changed considerably over the last twenty years compared with the first guys who discovered these beautiful women.

If you think you can just register at one of the Russian dating sites online and within minutes hundreds of Russian women will be writing to you, you maybe in for a big surprise.
The days when Russian women were falling at the knees of single Western men in the hope of marriage just do not happen any more, and why should they?
The Russian economy has come a long way over the last twenty years, from the early days after the Soviet Union collapsed, when the Russian economy was in turmoil, with no employment , no food in the shops and what seemed like no future for the Russian people.

At this time in Russian history Russian women were registering at every available Russian dating site on the net, hoping for the chance to meet a foreign man for marriage and the opportunity to leave Russia. It was not the choice of many single Russian women it was a matter of having to, or spending the next decade in Russia wondering if life will ever change or improve.

In those days if you was registered at one of the early Russian dating sites, it was very easy to pick yourself up a young beautiful Russian bride to marry.

Today the story is very different, though there are still many thousands of Russian women searching for a foreign husband , and there are many thousands of cross cultural marriages each year the whole concept of "Russian brides" has completely changed. The economic reason for many Russian women to leave Russia for life with a foreign man is no longer there. Many Russian now hold down good jobs and have a relatively good standard of living, a huge improvement on twenty years ago. The craze to marry a foreign man is no longer so big.

If you want to find a Russian women to date today you really are going to have to make an effort, compared to twenty years ago. One of the first things you need to do once you have signed up to a Russian dating site is to upload some very recent and good quality photos. To many men who register make no effort in making a presentable profile with some good clear recent photos, they then wonder why they have received little interest from Russian women. Why would any Russian women wish to write to a man she cannot see?

What you need to understand is these beautiful Russian women are being pursued by thousands of single men searching for a Russian wife, they have a huge amount of guys to choose from, if you do not make some kind of effort you will never find a Russian women for marriage in todays modern world. Many single men will register with a Russian dating site only to sit there waiting for all of the beautiful Russian brides to contact them. Unless you are extremely handsome and have some great photos uploaded, that is probably not going to happen.
If you want to succeed on a modern dating site you need to be very proactive, writing to as many women as possible on a daily basis. Once you start receiving replies you can then narrow them down to several women  you like and take it from there.

When you are communicating with any Russian women you meet online always remember to be polite and courteous, Russian women like a man who can act like a gentleman and knows how to treat a women like a lady. just one of the small tips that can help you succeed on a Russian dating site.

Good luck with your searches.