Monday, 14 October 2013

Some Good Russian Dating Tips

Russian Dating Tips for You

Are you interested in the Russian dating scene?  if so here are a few tips and some information for you, to help decide if Russian dating really is for you.

If you are one of the many thousands of single guys who have decided to stretch their searches for a partner further afield, you may of heard many stories about beautiful women from Russia seeking foreign husbands. These stories are true, there are indeed many hundreds of thousands of russian women searching for a foreign husband, but things have changed considerably over the last twenty years compared with the first guys who discovered these beautiful women.

If you think you can just register at one of the Russian dating sites online and within minutes hundreds of Russian women will be writing to you, you maybe in for a big surprise.
The days when Russian women were falling at the knees of single Western men in the hope of marriage just do not happen any more, and why should they?
The Russian economy has come a long way over the last twenty years, from the early days after the Soviet Union collapsed, when the Russian economy was in turmoil, with no employment , no food in the shops and what seemed like no future for the Russian people.

At this time in Russian history Russian women were registering at every available Russian dating site on the net, hoping for the chance to meet a foreign man for marriage and the opportunity to leave Russia. It was not the choice of many single Russian women it was a matter of having to, or spending the next decade in Russia wondering if life will ever change or improve.

In those days if you was registered at one of the early Russian dating sites, it was very easy to pick yourself up a young beautiful Russian bride to marry.

Today the story is very different, though there are still many thousands of Russian women searching for a foreign husband , and there are many thousands of cross cultural marriages each year the whole concept of "Russian brides" has completely changed. The economic reason for many Russian women to leave Russia for life with a foreign man is no longer there. Many Russian now hold down good jobs and have a relatively good standard of living, a huge improvement on twenty years ago. The craze to marry a foreign man is no longer so big.

If you want to find a Russian women to date today you really are going to have to make an effort, compared to twenty years ago. One of the first things you need to do once you have signed up to a Russian dating site is to upload some very recent and good quality photos. To many men who register make no effort in making a presentable profile with some good clear recent photos, they then wonder why they have received little interest from Russian women. Why would any Russian women wish to write to a man she cannot see?

What you need to understand is these beautiful Russian women are being pursued by thousands of single men searching for a Russian wife, they have a huge amount of guys to choose from, if you do not make some kind of effort you will never find a Russian women for marriage in todays modern world. Many single men will register with a Russian dating site only to sit there waiting for all of the beautiful Russian brides to contact them. Unless you are extremely handsome and have some great photos uploaded, that is probably not going to happen.
If you want to succeed on a modern dating site you need to be very proactive, writing to as many women as possible on a daily basis. Once you start receiving replies you can then narrow them down to several women  you like and take it from there.

When you are communicating with any Russian women you meet online always remember to be polite and courteous, Russian women like a man who can act like a gentleman and knows how to treat a women like a lady. just one of the small tips that can help you succeed on a Russian dating site.

Good luck with your searches.

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