Monday, 5 November 2018

Online Russian dating

Online Russian dating sites how to win your ladies heart

Many Western men decide to search for a Russian or Ukrainian online dating site with the hope of finding their second half, but how easy is it to find a Russian girl for marriage? And if you do find a trusted Russian dating site how do you go about winning the heart of a single Russian women? Here are a few tips to ensure you succeed in your online searches and dating.

1. When communicating  with Russian women online it is important to remember you will not be the only man communicating with her , if she is a pretty Russian girl she will probably have many men trying to communicate with her. It is very important to be pro active at all times, if a lady should say "Hello" to you do not just answer with a "Hello" back , answer with a small conversation which ends in a question to her, this will keep the conversation going, if she replies to your question then you will know for sure there is some interest there from her.

many men will sign up to a online Russian dating site and just sit there waiting for the messages to come flooding in, always remember if you cannot be bothered to make the first move with a short message or introductory message there are plenty of men that are,

2.  Never speak to any Russian or Ukrainian girls online as though it is you who is saving them from a terrible life in their home country, it is the worst possible mistake you can do. Some men will come out with comments such as "Well if you want to stay in Russia as a hair dresser" as though you are the king offering a life of luxury for the women, it never works and makes you look the fool in any women eyes.

3.  Do not pester the women, some men will come to like a single Russian women he meets online so much that he will often call her non stop at all hours of the night. Maybe you will think that any Russian girl you meet online will be so desperate to meet you that it is perfectly ok to call her at all ours of the day.

4. Don't make false promises , many men will promise to go visit the girl , but in fact will have no intention of visiting her for a long time. Any women from any country do not want to meet a man who keeps promising to turn up but in fact never does!  If you cannot afford to make a trip next month or are busy it is always best to say exactly when you are free to visit and stick to your plans. Some men will offer to buy the Russian girl he meets online  a ticket to come meet him. This is not a good idea, can you really expect a women to fly to another country to meet a man she hardly knows? And what if the man expects her to stay in his bed for providing the air ticket like so many do. Would you want to arrive at a strange country to meet a women, thinking you will be sleeping in her bed, only to arrive , see this women and realise she is nothing like you expected, and you have no desire to be with her? It can be the same for any women. In general it is always the mans responsibility to go to the women country first.

Best of luck with your online dating.

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