Monday, 17 September 2018

Trusted Russian Dating Sites

Have you decided to search for a Russian women?

Many Western men consider the option of Russian dating at some point often it will be after a divorce  from a women in their own country, so Russian dating is an option for many when searching for a new partner.
But what makes so many Western guys decide to search for a Russian women on one of the many Russian dating sites? 
Russian women are known all over the world for their beauty and looks and this is one of the big reasons so many Western men decide to search for a Russian women to marry. But as with any dating especially when searching on the internet it is always advisable to do a good check or review of any Russian dating site you are considering using. Just Googling "Russian dating sites" will bring pages and pages of dating sites offering you their services to meet beautiful young Russian women for marriage. 
There are many pointers to look out for when searching for a trusted Russian dating site, here are a few:

1. Always stick to a long established dating site, new sites often have few new users doing and a small database of members.

2. Always look for a site that is not full of young beautiful women only with not a normal women in site! You can be sure the site will be a scam.

3. Always stick to a site that runs a transparent business. Do a WHOIS check on the site to see if they hide the owners of the business.

4. never use a PPL web site. These sites charge you per letter to read and reply and usually the web site will be a total scam.

5. Always do a Google search of any Russian dating site you are considering using to check for any bad feedback, though remember every site will always have some negative feedback and bear in mind competitor sites will often create fake bad feedback , but generally you should get some idea about the site.

6. Always try to use a Western owned dating site, there will be more chance of getting some customer service and they will probably answer any questions you have.

If you have decided to give Russian dating a try it is also important to remember that Russia has changed considerably over the last 20 years, it is no longer so easy to arrive in Russia flash your passport about and pick up a young Russian bride. If you are serious in your searches it is important to search a single Russian women in a realistic age group.

Best of luck with your searching.

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