Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Trusted & Honest Russian Dating Sites

Are you searching for a honest Russian dating site?

If you are one of the thousands of Western men that decide to search for a Russian women for marriage each year, you have probably decided to search Google for a honest Russian dating site.
This is not an easy task,  just type in a few popular key words such as "Legitimate Russian dating sites" "real Russian dating sites" and you will hundreds of sites show right before your eyes.

But which of these Russian dating sites are Real? Which ones are honest? Thats the 24 million dollar question.

Here are a few pointers that should help you decide which Russian dating site offers a good chance of meeting a Russian bride  and more importantly which Russian dating site will be real and trustworthy?

1. Always use a Western owned and operated Russian dating site, where you will usually receive some real customer service.

2. Always do a WHOIS check of any Russian brides site you are considering using, if the owner or operator is using a proxy name.. stay away!

3. Never sign up to a PPL web site. Here they charge you per letter you send and per letter you  open
often these web sites will be total scam.

4. Always use a well established Russian brides site. New sites are often fake or have a small data base , giving little chance of meeting real women.

5. Always stay away from web sites that are full of young Russian beauty queens, you can be sure they will all be fake.

The most important point to remember when searching for single Russian women is to search for women from a realistic age group, if you do that you will at least have some chance of success. take a look at any Russian dating sites success stories and you will seldom see a man in his 60's married to a young Russian women in her 20's.

If you decide to chase women half your age you will not only waste your time and effort , you will also probably become the victim of a scammer along the way.

Good luck with your searches.

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